How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair Cost?

Dents are very annoying for car owners because you will have to incur the cost unless you want the car to look like a loading machine in the near future with multiple dents on it. If you go for paintless
dent, you will definitely end up saving more money, which is why this article focuses on
·         What types of dents you can get repaired?
Note that we will be using US Dollars as the currency for the costs which are being estimated, and that these prices exclude taxes.

1. Deep Dents
If the dent on your car is very deep then, depending on the width of the dent and the area that it covers, you can estimate a cost of $240-$260. Deep dents are usually very difficult to fill in because there are many technicalities involved which include pretty much operating the panel where the dent has occurred from the inside out.
Deep dents can make your car prone to damages later on which can end up costing a lot more than they do, which is why you should get them repaired at your earliest. Hail dents are usually not that deep but in the case that something adds to the damage, you should be careful.

2. Small Accessible Dents
If the dents on your car are spread out but are not exactly deep enough to have caused any damage to the engine despite of the hail directly falling on the bonnet, you can pretty much expect a cost of $30-$45 per dent. This may seem like a lot but usually dents which are close to each other are compromised on because they can be fixed alongside the other ones near to it.

3. Medium Dents in Difficult Areas
An example of a difficult area to access in a car is of the roof, because from the top it seems easy to get onto but from the inside the procedure can get messy. This is why internal repairs of such areas with limited accessibility can cost you around $55-$65 per dent, which can be a lot considering how the roof of the car is exposed the most to the hail.
However, as long as the damage is not very spread out, you can get off with quite an affordable amount and make your car good as new.

4. Large Dent (Shallow or Deep)
Such dents are unlikely to occur because of such acts of God but you might be wondering how much does paintless dent repair cost on such a scale. If your car suffered from a large dent which is around the diameter of a basketball or even more, you can expect your cost to rise up to around $350-$400.

The numbers are certainly dazzling, but it is worth repeating that hail does not mostly damage the rear, bonnet, or the roof with such a precise spread of dents leading to a perfect shape. However, in times when you cannot defy nature, you will have to pay the price. 

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